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Winterfest 2020, Crickhollow

Second Breakfast


Winterfest 2020

December, 11th-13th
Thorin’s Gate, Frozen pond
Crickhollow server

Friday December 11th
5.00pm – We Free Bandshees Friday
6.00pm – Midnight Owl Band Friday
7.00pm – Harlequins
8.00pm – Cheery Littlebottom’s Champions
9.00pm – Alt Rock Band

Saturday December 12th
Noon – Polnolunie
1.00pm – An Unexpected Melody
2.00pm – Notenzauber
3.00pm – The Great Willow Blues Band
4.00pm – The Moonshine Wanderers
5.00pm – The Gallic Frogs Band
6.00pm – Telimectar
7.00pm – The Rakes of Kilkarill
8.00pm – The Bards of Valinor
9.00pm – Purple Pipeweed Palour Band
10.00pm – Legendary Tunes
11.00pm – River Daughters Ft. Fuzzy Waters
12.00am – Savo ‘Las
1.00am – No Whole Bard

Sunday December 13th
Noon – Department of Harmony and Song
1.00pm – The Flutterbyes
2.00pm – The Andune Ensemble
3.00pm – The Rolling Kegs
4.00pm – The Teedees
5.00pm – Dulcet Tones
6.00pm – The Country Bluegrass Band
7.00pm – Baylei’s Swinglin’ Band
8.00pm – Mushroom Stew
9.00pm – Mardis Gras Party Band