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Weatherstock 16, Landroval

The Lonely Mountain Band


Weatherstock 16

Sixteen Summers of Songs At The summit!

Saturday, July 27th
Lone-lands, Weathertop
Amon-Sul (31.2S/36.9W)
Landroval server

Hear ye, hear ye!

The Lonely Mountain Band (LMB) is pleased to present Weatherstock XVI for the grand peoples of Middle Earth this July 27!

12.00pm * The Lonely Mountain Band’s Old Winyards
12.30pm * Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
12.45pm * Arda
01.00pm * The Wee Free Banshees
01.15pm * Scallyrat’s Rum Pirate Band
01.30pm * Cheerie & the Warders (Warders of the Weald)
01.45pm * Mardi Gras Party Band
02.00pm * Calibouge Sound
02.15pm * The Gallic Frogs Band
02.30pm * The Grey Haven Guard
02.45pm * The Country Bluegrass Band
03.00pm * Lindamar
03.15pm * The Green Hill Music Society
03.30pm * Dominion of the North
03.45pm * Dulcet Tones
04.00pm * The Fluffy Unicorns
04.15pm * The Grayhawke Band
04.30pm * Dragon Forge
04.45pm * The Teedees
05.00pm * The WSXVI Lonely Mountain MegaBand & Friends

Weatherstock is an annual concert of Epic proportions held on the summit of Amon Sul on the Landroval server that features the game’s player music system. It remains one of LOTRO’s oldest and largest player run events that regularly draws 500-900 players.

Weatherstock Wayfarers may expect to hear bands best arrangements, enjoy a great social atmosphere, and may even receive a special gift from a ‘Tinki’ vendor clad in yellow to enhance your listening pleasure.

Security will handle the crebain and provide summons as needed to the Weathertop.