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Winterfest, Shirefest’s Yuletide companion, returns to Crickhollow for its third year.  Come to the frozen pond northeast of Frerin’s Court at Thorin’s Hall for three days of music and merriment featuring 21 bands from around the world.  All musicians are welcome to join in the round robin performances on the first day of the festival, December 15, when weekly Bread & Jam moves to the frozen pond.  Bread & Jam will start at 7pm EST (server time) instead of the customary 9pm.  Bands will form a circle and spectators will have room to dance in the middle.  We encourage bands that are not playing in the festival to share their songs this night.  Organizers will be there until 10pm but the musicians can (and will) play as long as they like.


Saturday is packed with 12 fantastic bands playing from noon until midnight.  Sunday Elevenses will take place at its normal time but will also move to the frozen pond.  This is the time for solo and small group musicians to shine!  The gathering will be cut short but those who did not get a chance to play their songs are welcome to come to Elevenses at its regular location at the Bird & Baby in Michel Delving on December 24th to share more holiday music.  The final day of performances will run from noon until 8pm with 9 more spectacular groups.  Please join Second Breakfast and Crickhollow for one of the server’s biggest and best-loved annual events.


For more information on all of our bands, please visit




(all times are EST/server time)


Friday 15 December
7pm: Bread & Jam (round robin open band performances)


Saturday 16 December
Noon: Breakfast Club
1pm: Polnolunie
2pm: Struck by Moonlight
3pm: Quentera
4pm: Little Wanderers
5pm: Dr. Star and The Acoustic Mayhem
6pm: Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
7pm: No Whole Bard
8pm: DisEnchanted
9pm: Puddle Jumpers
10pm: Savo ‘Lass
11pm: Skarn


Sunday 17 December
11am: Elevenses (open solo and small group free play)
Noon: Dulcet Tones featuring The Belladonnas
1pm: Department of Harmony and Song
2pm: Rolling Kegs
3pm: The Andune Ensemble
4pm: A Rock and a Hard Place
5pm: Misty Mountain Hobs
6pm: Mardi Gras Party Band
7pm: Imladris Sunset