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Weatherstock 15 – Concert Series, Landroval

The Lonely Mountain Band


Weatherstock 15 – Concert Series

Saturday, July 15th / Sunday, July 16th
The Shire, Hobbiton
Top of the Hill

Landroval server

WCS Saturday July 15th

01:00pm * Galdwen’s Band of Misfits
01:30pm * Starlight
02:00pm * Lindamar
02:30pm * The Cold Ravine
03:00pm * The Great Willow Blues Band
03:30pm * Notenzauber
04:00pm * The Gallic Frogs Band
04:30pm * Jailhouse Rock
05:00pm * The Country Bluegrass Band
05:30pm * Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
06:00pm * The Grayhawke Band
06:30pm – TBD
07:00pm * Dragon Forge
07:30pm * GoblinFyre

WCS Sunday July 16th

01:00pm * The Fluffy Unicorns
01:30pm * Arda
02:00pm * Les Gardiens
02:30pm * Calibouge Sound
03:00pm * Technomancer
03:30pm * The Green Hill Music Society
04:00pm * Ottenok
04:30pm * Blue Mountains Band
05:00pm * Plucky Strings
05:30pm * Mardi Gras Party Band
06:00pm * River Daughter/Fuzzy Waters