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The Harnkegger Games VI

It is that time of year again, the Horn of the Harnkegger sounds! The heroes and athletes of Middle Earth have trained hard to prove their mettle and earn the coveted gold medals.
This year from Monday September 11th till Sunday September 17th the free folk of Middle Earth will once again fight for the honour of the Harnkegger title… and lets not forget a wagon load of pies!
The Harnkegger Games Committee is proud to announce a new pie sponsor for these games, no longer is Brockenboring’s baker T.Urbine providing us Tasty Pies. Now a new baker near the Standing Stone.. uhm, I mean the Three Farthing Stone has offered to bake no less than 13.000 pies for the events, using the age old delicious Baggins recipe.
With master Frodo being unavailable, his aunt Lobelia has taken it upon herself to give permission on behalf of the Bagginses, yet…with the condition to explicitly use her name… as such this year the games will hand out 13.000 Lobelia’s Outrageously Tasty Rabbit & Onion Pies ((13.000 Lotro Points)) For more information on The Harnkegger Games, please check