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The Blue Waves Opening Concert

you are welcome to

Opening concert of the “Blue Hall”

with The Blue Waves


The Brago Brothers and Sisters

On Belegaer

The Saturday, June, 30th

at 2PM (EST) / 20.00h (CEST)

in the Breeland Homesteads
Arrowfold / Pfeilalt / Le Carquois
– 9 Chestnut Street / Kastanienstrasse 9 / 9 Rue de Chátaignier


The Blue Waves were founded late August 2017 and have their homes on Belegaer and Laurelin where they more or less reguilarily perform along other bands on the Bree Sunday Music Round (Belegaer), The Night of the Muses and The Dwarves Night out (Laurelin) while occsasionally doing inpromptu concerts. Usuall performing in a strength of 6 but going up as high as 12 or more with friends. The musical variety spans many genres according the motto – “we like it – we might play it” – but a heavy accent is on varioustypes and times of Rock, Blues and Pop. Original Lyrics are few but the collection slowly growing.