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Moon Cheese Space Music Festival, Laurelin

Flogo // Ottenok band


Moon Cheese Space Music Festival

Saturday, April 15th
From 2.00pm to 6.00pm
Breeland, Girdley Island
between The Shire and Bree (28.3S/63.3W)
Laurelin server

Maybe a dream, maybe not, but it seems to me that I have been on the moon!
Otherwise, where does this moon cheese come from?!
In honor of such a great gastronomic sensation, I called some great bands,
to find out what kind of space it is!
After all, what better way than music to find out the opinions of others and imagine this endless space!
P.S. Also of course, share a sample of moon cheese!
P.S.S. And launch a couple of fireworks at the last!

The night sky is amazing, what does it conceal?

Maybe something delicious?

|2:00pm| Ottenok

|2:30pm| The Great Blues Willows Band

|3:00pm| Monbarden

|3:30pm| The Gallic Frogs Band

|4:00pm| TraViaTum

|4:30pm| Indigo Hobbettes

|5:00pm| Fleurs de Lumiere

|5:30pm| Cheery Littlebottom’s Companions

OOC details:

This is my first performance at the festival and my first event in general, but I’ve been playing music as hobbits band “ottenok” for almost a year!:)

One of the prerequisites for its event was the first human flight into space Yuri Gagarin on April 12 1961, this day is also Cosmonautics Day!

You can also check web page of this event 😀

Contact:Flogo // ottenok band