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Polnolunie presents: Black Mark

Soon Gondor will enter the final battle with Umbar! Do not miss the unique opportunity to hear the songs of both sides at the concert of “Polnolunie” and finally choose your side – Light or Darkness!

OOC: “Polnolunie” invites you to a concert on the songs of the band “Alisa” – one of the oldest existing Russian rock bands, founded in 1983 and released over 20 studio albums. The band, which is considered the most distinctive of the Russian rock groups, has played in its history in a variety of styles – from hard rock to soft rock, jazz rock and rock fusion, all of which will be presented at this unusual concert along with unique texts of musicians of “Polnolunie”!

Light and Darkness will start their fight on Saturday, March 2nd at 1pm servertime (18.00 GMT/19.00 CET/21.00 msk) – Laurelin, Bree, Prancing Pony Stage