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Night of the Performing Dead: LIVE!, Laurelin

The Laurelin Grave-diggers


Night of the Performing Dead: LIVE!

With 18 AMAZING bands set to play, we have at least 9 hours of music, a costume contest, and give-aways galore to look forward to – and we hope you are ready to get friendly with a ghost or two, as I have heard that the abandoned graveyard is not as abandoned as it may seem…

Saturday, October 29th
From 11.00am to 8.00pm
Breeland, Northern Bree-fields
Abandoned Graveyard [26.3S/52.4W]
Laurelin server

The Laurelin Grave-diggers are thrilled, delighted and SO excited to invite you all to Laurelin’s premiere Harvestmath music festival, taking place in the abandoned Bree-land graveyard on Saturday, 29th October starting at 11am server time (17:00 CET) and going until the last band of the day wants to stop!

11.00am * Freakiel Family
11.30am * Mondbarden
12.00pm * The White Flames
12.30pm * Psycho Wood Babes
1.00pm * Polnolunie
1.30pm * Hooh & Whye
2.00pm * The Great Willow Blues Band
2.30pm * The Flame Bearers
3.00pm * Die Blaubeerschnuten
3.30pm * Brago Brothers
4.00pm * Jailhouse Rock
4.30pm * Indigo Hobbettes
5.00pm * The Gallic Frogs Band
5.30pm * Traviatum
6.00pm * Cheery Littlebottom’s Companions
6.30pm * The Blue Mountains Regiment
7.00pm * Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
7.30pm * Die Fertigen Schlusen