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10 YEARS of The HOPE


What an outstandin October OAKS!

The nite was filled wit the Full Moon when Polnolunie came ta Oldfurlong wit their spectacular production of an excitin rock opera   ….” Kashchey, the Undead

The marvelous music of Polnolunie was background fer sum truly phenomenal performances …

Gerhalt as a handsome young prince who fell in love …then lost her …
but refused ta ever give up on gettin her back no matter what he had ta endure …
a lad that dont know how ta give up!

The narrator Grombine whose charmin voice kept the audience hangin on his every word ….

and the very versatile Lady F who seemed ta be changin ta different shapes throughout the rock opera  ..from her always lovely self … ta an older dwarfie …ta a vampire ,,,to a little ol’ witch (kind of looked like that Sara who bothered us here in Oldfurlong last October) ..ta an indescribable monster  …but most wondrous of all ..a sweet lil frog whose timid lil voice was very persuasive ..or so the Prince told me .. (ya think she be a wizard??)

What an awesum performance by a special group of very talented folks in a tree-mendous adventure.

yay fer ” Kashchey, the Undead

    …    ((thanks fer the drawings agin , Miss Leddy))

and here’s a funny video ta go along wit the second part of their concert …the punk-rock afterparty


now we are in November …
and there will be a special celebration of a band that all of you folks have probably herd  …
cause this band has been t’gether fer 10 YEARS!
                               THE  HOPE

Quite an achievement!        сказочный!

Rumors are circulatin that there mite be sum of their friends there ta join in the celebrations 🙂
                CONGRATULATIONS ta the Hope
Gentle hobbity hugs ta all,

PS future OAKS …Saturday December 11