We are a wandering pair of individuals with ancient beginnings; (since the start of closed beta testing in 2006).

Starting on Brandywine, going to Elendilmir and during the Great Migration – to Crickhollow. Late in 2015 we became more musically motivated and started the Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band on Landroval-being drawn to it by the tales of many minstrels and lots of merriment. Early in 2016 we started the band in Crickhollow. We have a 4 piece band on both servers.

In Landroval: Agago of the Fallohides, Creston of Lindon, Astairwen of Rohan, and Leotee of the Grey Mountains. Leotee and Astairwen are strictly dedicated musicians. Agago and Creston occasionally adventure in Middle Earth, when they are away their fill alternates are: Kahuku of the Stoors and Wedowee of Lorien.

In Crickhollow: Haithnoir of the Blue Mountains, Lannith of Rivendell, Aspenath of Dale and Rosemarinie of the Harfoots.

We play several genres of music-rock, new age, renaissance, Irish traditional and classical. We do some lyrics. Agago is our melodic arranger and Aspenath is our percussion arranger. Rosemarinie composes our lyrics . Our set lists are arranged by Lannith.

Our live action You Tube footage is done by Keokee our Founder on Landroval.

We do monthly rock shows on the Bree stage on both Crickhollow (2nd Sat. 7:30 PM) and Landroval (4th Sat. 8:00 PM).

A monthly classical show at the Last Homely House-Rivendell in Crickhollow (2nd Sun. 7:30 PM) and a monthly new age show on the Bree Stage in Landroval (3rd Mon. 7:00 PM).

In our first year we did Rock Fest 2016 (Landroval), Horror Fest 2016 (Landroval), Winter Fest 2016 (Crickhollow) and Winter Stock 2017 (Landroval).

Our bands take pride in remaining true to the utmost tale of tales – that of Middle Earth. We strive to stay in character at all times, even when it comes to re-constructing lyrics.

Website: http://lotrostonedbards.wixsite.com/purplepipeweed

Face Book: search for our band name – we are open to the public.