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We are a wandering group of minstrels with ancient beginnings;  (start of closed beta in 2006).
Starting on Brandywine, going to Elendilmir when the game went public and during the Great Migration – to Crickhollow. Late in 2015 we became more musically motivated and started the first Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band on Landroval. Early in 2016 we started another band on our home server of Crickhollow. Afterwards we expanded further to Laurelin and Brandywine for more opportunities to play scheduled events and do RP.

In Landroval band members are: Agago Longleaf of the Fallohides, Creston of Lindon, Astairwen of Rohan, and Leotee of the Grey Mountains.

We do two monthly shows on Crickhollow:
Rockin’ the Crick
 (2nd Sat. 7:30 PM) outside the Prancing Pony,
and Elvish Music in the Courtyard at the Last Homely House Courtyard in Rivendell (2nd Sun. 7:30 PM).

On Brandywine:  Pipeweed Happy Hour (2nd Sat. 9 PM) outside the Prancing Pony.

On Landroval:  Midweek Pipeweed Happy Hour (2nd Wed. 7 PM) outside the Prancing Pony.

We play four genres of music:  Rock, Renaissance, New Age, and Traditional. Our music covers all ages, both old and new from many countries and cultures.  All music is mixed by the band and arranged for 4 members.

Our bands take pride in remaining true to the utmost tale of tales – that of Middle Earth. We strive to stay in character at all times, in the general public and in all our performances.


Face Book: search for our band name – we are open to the public.

Agago Longleaf