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Website : The Ninny Hammers

History of the band, when it was formed :
The Ninny Hammers were formed last summer 2015, known before as « Bugginses Bands« :- Lilikate’s Clarinets Ensemble, Lilikate’s Musical Creatures, TSO and others.
Our Band Leader, Lilikate Buggins decided to consolidate all her musical projects under a single title.

Regular members :
Weet and Dis from DisEnchanted, Grimsnorin, Pinesong, Zedrock, and Newine all contribute to make The Ninny Hammers a success.
Friends pop by to play a set, Halgoreth from Skarn, Palwyn from Notenzauber, Calanne, Petaline and Mondbarden have all joined Lilikate on Bree Stage to play music, as have many more.
Thanks to all who have helped out.
A big shout to members of The Little Wanderers too, they have been very supportive in recent months!

Regular play times and locations :
The Ninny Hammers play on the Landroval Server, Saturdays at 2.00pm EST on Bree Stage.
We have an outreach project on Evernight, a round-robin song hour at Pierson’s Farm each Saturday at 4.00pm.

Types of music played :
I think we cover just about all music ever composed.

Do you arrange your own music and write your lyrics
Lilikate : « I arrange and feature the works of other arrangers (with permission). I love to create adapted Lyrics when I am inspired. I am most proud of my version of « Royals » by Lorde in recent months ».

Any other information that distinguishes your band : 
That we don’t take ourselves too seriously

Lilikate Buggins