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The Andune Ensemble was formed by Geoffroi in January 2012 to cover the European evening timezone and the East Coast US afternoon crowd. They still have several Europeans playing and have settled into a 3pm Sunday slot, usually at The Bree Stage where they have played more than 200 concerts! The Ensemble are famous for having a varied setlist and will tackle pretty much anything from Vivaldi to The Smurfs via heavy rock, cheesy pop and Acadian tunes (French Canadian). Original lyrics are often used. Currently their Songbook stands at 600 songs (separate from the Lonely Mountain Band songbook). Regular players are Floradine, Hollyberye, Braxwald, Calanne, Esyae, Malphos, Mellilot, Corulin, Quini and Geoffroi.

Most played songs:

Disclaimer: not necessarily our most popular songs!

The Andune Reel – music and lyrics by Keli
Classical Gas – Mason Williams
Fiddlers Elbow – The Lonely Mountain Band
Country Roads – John Denver
Streams of Whiskey – The Pogues
Lark On The Strand – Traditional
Rum – Alestorm
Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves
La Bamba – Traditional
Billiy-Jean – Michael Jackson

They have performed at The Fellowship Walk, Weatherstock, Winterstock, Rockfest, Day At The Greenfields and on other servers.

They would like to extend an invitation to other bands interested in an afternoon slot to join them for double-header concerts.

What the critics said:

  • I only came because Madame Celestines was being disinfected but, frankly, that might have been more fun
  • I was surprised to see that they have learned a second chord
  • Newly introduced to their instruments but, sadly not to each other, The Anduners performed with more enthusiasm than their audience showed
  • On the plus side, they have some hot chicks in the band and less hobbits than is usual!
  • What is the point of Geoffroi? Little talent or personality. Perhaps I should lend him my Rose Rockstar outfit?
  • They always advertise fine music guaranteed but I’ve never got my money back
    (Geoffroi would like to make it clear for the benefit of Cennwyn (Little Miss Trouble) and the rest of the band that he does not receive any money. Otherwise he would, of course, have shared it)