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Yuletime OAKS brings the Wandering Musicians wit a PRESENT!


“this is a great version of the song”
“fantastic, Bravo”
“A lovely song and well played”
“Such wonderful music tonight!”
“Ooh! -my wish came true!”
“heartwarming indeed!”
“gorgeous” “Great” “Bravooo!” “Excellent!” “So wonderful!”
….just a few of the comments I overheard at the last OAKS ….
this was a truly amazin concert ….
I want ta thank all of the very special guest performers who joined the band fer a song durin this OAKS …
dear master Whye who sang ….”You’ve got to nick a stage or two”
(( wait here …I’ll be rite back))
Yup the OAKS stage is still there …I thot it wood be ~giggles~
dear Lady Jersiel who honoured us when she agreed ta accompany MGP band on her request
(( all of us that goes regularly ta the Nite of the Muses no what mighty fine flutin she does ))
then we herd a voice floatin up from the back of the crowd as the band played “You are the Sunshine of my Life” ….thanks ta the charmin voice of dear Piper
after that the band was joined by dear Hollybery when she sang her always excellent lyrics in an appeal ta the Valar ta end this war
(( hope they herd ya Holly ))
followed by another voice from the back of the crowd as Lady Joraki sang “Wo sind die Clowns?” beautifully
Also thanks ta Miss Alhilda fer sharin the beverages & pipeweed enjoyed by the audience.

Many thanks ta all of these guest performers and a great BIG thank ya ta the “awesome Kenghis” and the magical Mardi Gras Party band fer playin the All Request concert which made so many of us very happy! ūüėÄ
and thanks ta dear Miss Leddy we can enjoy it all agin & agin …

Now …..
It’s Yuletime agin! Time fer sweet treats, Yuletime songs, cuddlin up wit a warm cider, snowball fights, bright sparklin lites, knittin sumthin warm fer yer pets, decoratin yer burrows
…but most of all ….fer me at least …
being surrounded by yer good friends!
That’s why I wants ta invite all of ya ta come back when the ‚ÄúZiehenden Musikanten / Wandering Musicians‚ÄĚ of Belly Gear come ta Oldfurlong bringin a very special present fer all of us!!!!!
They not be tellin just what this is ….but I can tell ya folks a few clues …..
seems there will be a musical play … and considerin the musicians involved I know fer certain that it will be outstandin!
and dear Kirgon asked me if he could bring his doggie so there will be a singin dog …or maybee the dog plays harp …of course maybee this doggie is just there ta direct ??
Master Gerhalt can verify that doggies be most talented as well as fierce fighters.

No matter what happens in this musical play … Yule love it!
(( as Miss Lina wood say ))
Guess ya folks best come ta see exactly what this sweet puppy & his two-legged pals will be doin.
See ya in Oldfurlong!

I luv presents!! so I can just barely wait.

Warm gigglin hugs,