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Winterstock IX

The Lonely Mountain Band


Winterstock IX

Nine Near the Mine!

From January 14th to 17th
Thorin’s Gate, Frozen Pond
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Friday, January 14th
2:00pm – The Gallic Frogs Band
3:00pm – The Great Willow Blues Band
4:00pm – Fleurs de Lumiere
5:00pm – Jailhouse Rock
6:00pm – Midnight
7:00pm – Die fertigen Schlusen
8:00pm – Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
9:00pm – Warders of the Weald
10:00pm – Indigo Hobbettes
11:00pm – The Greenhills Music Society
12:00pm – The Country Bluegrass Band

Saturday, January 15th
11:00am- The HOPE
12:00pm- The Crazy Ladies of the Forest
1:00pm – Polnolunie
2:00pm – Radagast’s Pipe
3:00pm – Notenzauber
4:00pm – Lindamar
5:00pm – War Bards of Song
6:00pm – kaPaTEc aNaHUaC
7:00pm – Goblinfyre’s Essence of Rhythm
8:00pm – Eagles Wings
9:00pm – Mardi Gras Party
10:00pm – DisEnchanted
11:00pm – No Whole Bard
12:00am – BBB

Sunday, January 16th
10:00am – The ARDA
11:00am – Moonshine Wanderers
12:00pm – Mondbarden
1:00pm – Die Meisterbarden von Bree
2:00pm – The Brandy Badgers
3:00pm – The Andune Ensemble
4:00pm – Les Gardiens
5:00pm – Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
6:00pm – Wild Mill
7:00pm – Bree-land Bywater Revival
8:00pm – Les Beaux Chapeaux
9:00pm – Calibouge Sound
10:00pm – Musica Banditos
11:00pm – Troll Finger

Monday, January 17th
2:00pm – NAM Disco
3:00pm – Plucky Strings
4:00pm – The White Flames
5:00pm – 6 Orc Heads
6:00pm – The Grayhawke Band
7:00pm – The Fluffy Unicorns
8:00pm – Bright Star
9:00pm – Tickle and Giggles
10:00pm – The Teedee’s
11:00pm – Old Winyards