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Winter Solstice Festival, Sirannon

The Gallic Frogs Band


Winter Solstice Festival

Sunday, December 20th
Monday, December 21st
Thorin’s Hall
Lower Eastern Terrace

Sirannon Server

Come help us celebrate our first annual Winter Solstice Festival, a two day event.
We have 46 bands visiting from 8 different servers.
The shall be Music, Dance, Activities and Gifts.
So! Come! And Share this joyous occasion!
Sunday December, 20th
06.00am *** No Whole bard
06.30am *** Les Compagnons Du Dards
07.00am *** RACE ***
07.30am *** The Displaced
08.00am *** Die Silberdisteln
08.30am *** Les Daft Pigs
09.00am *** Les Savoureuses Melodies
09.30am *** HORSE RACES ***
10.00am *** Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
10.30am *** Coffee Time
11.00am *** Calibogue Sound
11.30am *** Chant Du Vent
12.00pm *** Les Gardiens
12.30pm *** The Arda
01.00pm *** Polnolunie
01.30pm *** The Breakfast Club
02.00pm *** Mondbarden
02.30pm *** Blue Mountains Band
03.00pm *** Notenzauber
03.30pm *** FASHION SHOW ***
04.00pm *** kaPAtEk ANaHuAc
04.30pm *** Cheery Littlebottom’s Companions
05.00pm *** The Tones
05.30pm *** DisEnchanted
06.00pm *** Pale Riders
06.30pm *** River Daughter
07.00pm *** Middle Earth Saloon
Monday December, 21st
08.00am *** Les Cailloux
08.30am *** Les Va-Nu-Pieds
09.00am *** The Great Willow Blues Band
09.30am *** Les Razmocket
10.00am *** Traviatum
10.30am *** Hooh and Whye
11.00am *** La Famille Adah
11.30am *** Brago’s Brothers and Sisters
12.00pm *** Moonshine Wanderers
12.30pm *** QUIZZ ***
01.00pm *** Ohrwurm
01.30pm *** A Rock And A Hard Place
02.00pm *** Les Hippies Sans Lits
02.30pm *** Die Bunten Voegel
03.00pm *** Laurelin Music Box
03.30pm *** The Gallic Frogs Band
04.00pm *** Mardi Gras Party
04.30pm *** Les Menestrelles Du Soir
05.00pm *** Michel Delving Bunny Watch
05.30pm *** Legendary Tunes
06.00pm *** The Midnight Owl Band
06.30pm *** Elenluine Lindale
07.00pm *** The Teedee