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Winter Solstice Festival 2022, Sirannon

Les Habitants des Trous & The Gallic Frogs Band


Winter Solstice Festival

Friday December 16th
Thorin’s Gate
Sirannon Server

12.30pm * The Ironhammer Brothers
01.00pm * Rosenrot
01.30pm * The Great Willow Blues Band
02.00pm * Harfenschlags
02.30pm * Brago’s Brothers and Sister
03.00pm * Les Chardons d’Argent
03.30pm * Ohrwurm
04.00pm * The Gallic Frogs Band
04.30pm * Les Daft Pigs
05.00pm * Michel Delving Bunny Watch
05.30pm * Die Wilde Muhle
06.00pm * Elenluine Lindale
06.30pm * Lindmerlin
07.00pm * Les Enfants du Rohan
07.30pm * Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
08.00pm * Calibouge Sound