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Wild Mill will ROCK in the new year at the Jan OAKS


I hope everybodee liked their Yuletime present..
when ya came ta see the B.O.A.T. at the December OAKS!
what!!!!?!!! ya had ta work and couldnt make it?
ya missed an outstandin OAKS, cousin Acornie!
But ya’re in luck cause that sweet Miss Leddy drew sum mighty fine pictures fer ya…look at this…

and I want ta thank all of my friends in Brandy Badgers that were in & out of the B.O.A.T. fer not only sum mighty fine music but also a truly enthrallin play called… “Ode to Old Bloodtusk – The Breeland Porxodus”.
In other words, we FINALLY got ta see ” Ode ta Old Bloodtusk” that a certain hobbit lass at the Frostbluff Theater has been promisin ta show us fer years!
It was an excitin adventure!




now a brief pause…
This was a difficult announcement ta write…so many times I started and had ta take a break as I felt a wave of sadness wash over me…

I pause here cause I need ta say a tearful farewell ta a mighty kind and generous friend who always brought a smile ta my face whenever she was there. A fun-lovin lass that made many of us happy ta be around her fer awhile. I consider myself lucky ta have known her.

but I have been encouraged by the strength of Lady Lara who assures me that Wild Mill will be there on Saturday January 26 and the band will play!
The Wild Mill are feelin the loss of their good friend as they go forward without her charm, wit, and encouragement….but they will go on!

You will be missed by many, dear Infernosounds.



Now…a new year has begun ,,,,and it be time ta come t’gether fer the January OAKS wit an amazin band who will be comin ta our Shire on the back of the powerful  Gwaihir….
I have herd this band many times bring a bit of warmth ta an audience by playin sum rockin tunes that make it impossible fer us ta not start dancin & cheerin….
so they be the perfect band fer a cold January!
Of course they also slow it down a lil bit …sumtimes…just so we can catch our breath afore they rock out agin …
Then the lads start edgin closer ta all them lovely ladies…
( gotta find a couple of folks ta hold onto Master Sev cause he luvs ta get as close ta them long-legged lasses as he can )
Sum gammers mite think they be a lil two skinny & could use a bit more ta eat but all have ta admit they all are very lovely…
Mighty fine lasses they be…I can tell ya they’re not only beautiful on the outside but have lovely hearts as well.
It is my great pleasure ta start the new year wit the absolutely amazin…..WILD MILL!

Come join us in Oldfurlong the last Saturday in January at seven and a half bells in the evenin when the town square will have a wild mill *winks*
and fer what I no will be a truly fabulous OAKS!

Warm hugs ta all,