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What the Bree rat saw: “Fawkes! The undoing of Gubzugoy the Unready”

Hear ye, hear ye!
Gather round all Breelanders and friends of Bree.
Harvestmath is soon to end but there is one final celebration to this season.
Your beloved Mayor, Graeme Tenderlarch, requests your attendance in the annual procession to Weathertop, upon which the tale of Gubzugoy the Unready will be retold and a firework display will be unleashed.
All are invited, all are welcome.

Laurelin server

RP-lite: This event is for both RPers and non-RPers. You are not required to RP at this event.

Please gather by 16.00 /servertime (8pm UK) at the east Bree gates for various travel options to reach Weathertop. Once assembled at Weathertop, the “Tale of the Bree Rat” otherwise known as “Fawkes! The undoing of Gubzugoy the Unready” will be retold to the gathering. After which those assembled will be invited to let loose fireworks atop the hill.

Free fireworks will be available.

If you prefer not to travel all the way (or are late in attending and not a wizard, who are never late), we’ll hopefully have the assistance of
a captain or two who are already camped atop Weathertop and possibly hunters free who know the Lone Lands hidden pathways.

Someone kindly pointed out the daylight saving that happens tomorrow (30th Oct) in UK will mess up the servertime, so still 8pm UK but /servertime for the Friday will be 16.00*
* I hope

Organiser: Ranatuor (of the Elders kinship)
Story: Tim (Ranatuor)