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Weatherstock XIII

The Lonely Mountain Band


Weatherstock XIII

Saturday July 17
From Noon to 6.00pm
Lone Lands, Amon Sul
Weathertop, [31.2S, 36.9W]
Landroval Server

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Noon – LMB Mega Band Opening Set
12.30pm – Minstrels of Middle Earth
12.45pm – Runic Knights Orchestra
1.00pm – Polnolunie
1.15pm – Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
1.30pm – Hobbits from Hell
1.45pm – The White Flames
2.00pm – The Gallic Frogs Band
2.15pm – The Country Bluegrass Band
2.30pm – Mardi Gras Party Band
2.45pm – GoblinFyre’s Essence of Rhythm
3.00pm – Lindamar
3.15pm – Department of Harmony & Song
3.30pm – The Green Hill Music Society
3.45pm – The Teedee’s
4.00pm – The Midnight Owl Band
4.15pm – TBA
4.30pm – Radagast’s Pipe
4.45pm – Starlight
5.00pm – Plucky Strings
5.15pm – LMB Mega Band Closing Set
6.00pm – After Party at Bree Festival Grounds Stage