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Weatherstock XIII Concert Series

The Lonely Mountain Band


Weatherstock XIII Concert Series

Saturday July 10
Bree, Festival Grounds Stage
Landroval server

1:00pm – The HOPE
1:30pm – Les Gardiens
2:00pm – Polnolunie
2:30pm – Playwrights of Eldamar
3:00pm – Calibouge Sound
3:30pm – Starlight
4:00pm – Runic Knights Orchestra
4:30pm – The Country Bluegrass Band
5:00pm – The Gallic Frogs Band
5:30pm – The Midnight Owl Band
6:00pm – GoblinFyre’s Essence of Rhythm
6:30pm – Shire Shenanigans
7:00pm – DisEnchanted
7:30pm – No Whole Bard