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Weatherstock XII

Official Weatherstock XII Schedule

Saturday September 12th, Weathertop, Landroval

[All times are Eastern Daylight Time. Which is /servertime]

9:00am — LMB Mega Band Opening Set

10.00am : Starlight
10.15am : The HOPE
10.30am : The Tones
10.45am : The Fluffy Unicorns
11.00am : Mardi Gras Party Band
11.15am : Les Gardiens
11.30am : GoblinFyre’s Essence of Rhythm
11.45am : The Arda
Noon : Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
12.15pm : Lindamar
12.30pm : House of Harps
12.45pm : The Daft Willow Soul Orchestra
1.00pm : Shire Shenanigans
1.15pm : Blue Mountains Band
1.30pm : The Midnight Owl Band
1.45pm : The Country Bluegrass Band
2.00pm : Legendary Tunes
2.15pm : Playwrights of Eldamar
2.30pm : Calibogue Sound
2.14pm : Department of Harmony and Song
3.00pm : The Gallic Frogs Band
3.15pm : The Rolling Kegs
3.30pm : DisEnchanted
3.45pm : The Remediators
4.00pm : Polnolunie
4.15pm : P.I.E.
4.30pm : The Grayhawke Band
4.45pm : The Teedees
5.00pm : Fortnight May
5.15pm : RKO (Runic Knights Orchestra)
5.30pm : Animal House

5:45pm — LMB Mega-Band closing set

6:45pm — Mounted Procession to After-Party at Bree-land Festival Grounds

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