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Weatherstock XI Concert Series

at the Festival Grounds Stage in Breeland

Saturday July 13th :
1:00pm – Bards of Valinor
1:30pm – The HOPE
2:00pm – The ARDA
2:30pm – Les Menestrelles du Soir
3:00pm – Notenzauber
3:30pm – Little to No Drama
4:00pm – House of the Harp
4:30pm – Hearth and Table
5:00pm – Runic Knights Orchestra
5:30pm – The Gallic Frogs Band
6:00pm – da Bugans
6:30pm – Mini Star
7:00pm – No Whole Bard
7:30pm – Blue Mountains Band

Sunday July 14th
1:00pm – Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
1:30pm – Department of Harmony and Song
2:00pm – Mondbarden
2:30pm – Les Gardiens
3:00pm – The Andune Ensemble
3:30pm – Gallic Villagers
4:00pm – Stoors
4:30pm – The Fluffy Unicorns
5:00pm – The Teedee’s
5:30pm – Lindamar
6:00pm – The Grayhawke Band
6:30pm – Mardi Gras Party Band