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Weatherstock 15, Landroval

The Lonely Mountain Band


Weatherstock 15

Saturday, July 22nd
Lone-Lands, Weathertop
Landroval server
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12.00pm * LMB Megaband Opening Set
12.30pm * Lindamar
12.45pm * Les Gardiens
01.00pm * New Horizon
01.15pm * Polnolunie
01.30pm * Starlight
01.45pm * Arda
02.00pm * Technomancer
02.15pm * The Green Hill Music Society
02.30pm * The Fluffy Unicorns
02.45pm * Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
03.00pm * Plucky Strings
03.15pm * The Grayhawke Band
03.30pm * The Blues
03.45pm * Scallyrat’s Rum Pirate Band
04.00pm * Mardi Gras Party Band
04.15pm * Dragon Forge
04.30pm * GoblinFyre
04.45pm * The Gallic Frogs Band
05.00pm * Blue Mountains Band
05.15pm * LMB Megaband Closing Set