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Tribute to ARIA

“Dinosaurs” of Russian rock, “monsters”, the founders and the heralds of the Soviet heavy-metal, the best band, the best anti-war song, best singer, best hard rock vocal, best ballad, this band has many distinguished awards and titles in Russia.


ARDA and Eluilind with great pride, love and respect to the original presents the tribute to the ARIA! \m/

We decided to dedicate this concert to the three remarkable dates: the 32 anniversary of “ARIA”, the 15th anniversary of the band “Kipelov” and the release of a new album of group “Kipelov” – Stars and Crests.

To your attention we present the classic, true, and real Aria, with the incomparable, soulful vocals Valery Kipelov, in our treatment.


Let’s play some classic metal for the modern and “glamorous pink” world! \m/

We will go along with expensive listeners on a journey from 1985 to 2002-th year, in the period of so-called “gold” Aria, laid the foundations of the foundations of “Megalomania”, to melodic and monumental “Chimera”.

The concert will feature many hits of Aria, however, in this group a lot of them, because they have only good and great songs.

Venue – Laurelin, Bree festival grounds stage, date – 24th November, at 2pm servertime

“The hour” of heavy-metal has come! \m/

Take your black leather jackets, grab your friends rockers, “Give it a bash”! \m/