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Tomorrow’s Music T’day at the February OAKS, Laurelin

Been a lot of talk lately about captains ..about how they be such great leaders who always there ta support their allies.

This reminds me of a brave and most generous captain I once knew.
Captain Naismithea Willarc once said, “Special are those hours where the bonds of community and welcoming friends are so strong that entire moments spend together are merely the backdrop for, what Hobbits must call, an excellent party.”
Such was the January OAKS  …it was a most excellent party!

Many of us in the audience have known the joy of being at a concert of the Colourful Birds afore …

but one young lass was hearin them fer the first time.  She told me that her feet were filled wit fun  so much that she danced fer hours and never wanted their lovely music ta stop.

Just in case ya wants ta frolic wit the joy of dancin ta their awesum music again …

Thanks ta dear Miss Leddy…here be the beautiful memory of that OAKS   …
Thanks ta all of Die Bunten Vögel and  Vilnir fer not only a wonderful fun-filled evenin but also the special addition ta yer concert of one of my personal favorites ….”Little Bird of Hope“and a very special thanks ta Aerinbard, Carthien, Grombine,  Iljus & Kitzin fer helpin with the dwarfie-candles.

That was truly a tree-mendous beginnin ta this new year but now it’s February and …

time fer the February OAKS!

Again this OAKS will be truly mighty mind-blowin   …cause…..

this OAKS ya folks get ta hear the music of tomorrow!

That’s correct!    the music of tomorrow played today!

and maybee  one or two from the past   ~grins~

when the sensational NO WHOLE BARD comes ta the OAKS!
A big thanks ta all of No Whole Bard fer agreein ta get up early Sunday mornin ta party wit us on saturday evenin  ~winks~

Please remember that the members of No Whole Bard as the name suggests be only part bards…cause ….

Them be part BARD and part FIERCE WARRIOR!

 (( best not try any of them get-rich quick plots, Ironhammer Brothers, cause these folks will have known about it since yesterday ))

warm happy hugs,