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Third Anniversary of ARDA

  • Very soon the ARDA band will celebrate a three-years Anniversary!
  • For this three years we have been loyal to canonical metal and classical rock music, to freedom and positive and we’ve strengthened our band core.
  • ARDA will celebrate their Third Anniversary in the same style as in the past 2 years. It will be a big and soulful festival with many lovely and powerful bands…and sweet listeners!
  • There will be many rock and metal songs from many good bands, some of them will attend for the first time at our event, so…. “One String To Gather Them All“!


    Noon – Arda, opening
    12:30am – Struck by Moonlight
    1pm – Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
    1:30pm – Skarn
    2pm – The Hope
    2:30pm – The Crazy Ladies of The Forest
    3pm – Les Daft Pigs
    3:30pm – A Rock And A Hard Place
    4pm – Mondbarden
    4:30pm – Dirty River folk
    5pm – The Gallic Frogs
    5:30pm – Blue Mountains Band
    6pm – Brago Brothers
    6:30pm – Mardi Gras Party band


    Some part of the festival will be live-streamed by Master Balagur on his YouTube channel –


    Grab your friends and come to our festival of good music, all people are welcomed!