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the White Flames Sparkle at the December OAKS

A big warm hug & thanks bunches ta dear Luvey fer bringin her band ta play fer us in Oldfurlong fer the November OAKS!!  She be a wonderful person & truly a fantastic musician!!  

The evenin was full of incredible music which dwarfies …as well as hobbits, elufs, and even humans enjoyed.  All around was folks singin along and happily dancin in the grass …guess we will have no need ta trim that grass this month cause it was undoubtedly beated down wit all the dancin folks did.
Startin with a song entitled “I Got the Music in Me” thru “I Love Music” , sweet Lady Luvey certainly showed us how much music is definitely a part of her and helped us celebrate our luv of music as well.  This was truly an evenin of music filled wit happiness that so many of us folks luv …thanks ta all of the Alt Rock Band!

Luvey let me know afterwards that she enjoyed her time in Oldfurlong also!!   That makes me so happy when everyone ..includin the band …enjoy the OAKS. What a fun nite that was!

If ya folks needs an escape from battles wit orcs …just reach out, the Alt Rock Band will be there ta brighten yer day thanks ta my Sweet Neighbor who made these drawings fer us.
Wanna see it all again?    Here ya go!

Guess Folks got a lot ta look forward ta in December ….another fun trip over ta see what be happenin in Winter-home.  I herd many writers across Middle Earth be submittin scripts fer the Frostbluff Theatre, them cooks over there be preparin a feast fer us, and it’s snowin like crazy.   What fun buildin a snow-hobbit will be.
One thing ya definitely dont wanna miss is the December OAKS! IT’s gonna be SPECTACULAR!
Oldfurlong will be sparklin with the Yule time spirit of the awesum ….


I’m positive Sir Aifel will start this Yule off wit a truly memorable OAKS!
When them White Flames play, their exquisite music sweeps the lasses away till I have ta remind them ta remember ta eat.

December 2nd will be filled wit their magnificent music which I know will leave us lasses hungry & comin back fer more once agin
Come join us in Oldfurlong when Sir Aifel & the White Flames bring their unique SPARKLE ta the December OAKS!

warm hugs ta all,


I dont think Papa Yule could bring a better present!