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The true story of THE HOBBIT at the November OAKS

Wasnt that an awesum beginnin ta the OAKS this season?
That must surely be a fun village where all them Gallic Villagers come from….*giggles*


Ya folks had everybodee lucky enuf ta join us that nite rollin on the ground wit laughter one minute ….
then jumpin up ta dance ta yer tree-mendous music the next moment!
Thanks ta all of ya fer comin ta share a bit of yer fun & terrific tunes wit us here in Oldfurlong at the October OAKS.


As sumone said about this band…” the musicians involved in this band are among the sweetest and most enthusiastic….” of our entire music community…
and on behalf of all in the awesum audience who came ta share this evenin wit us..
thanks ta all of the Gallic Villagers fer an excitin start of the new season of OAKS…
…fer the few who sadly couldnt make it ta our October OAKS…and any who want ta enjoy it all agin…
here be Miss Leddy’s drawings…


Fer November  ….I have convinced the truly amazin Andune Ensemble ta come ta the OAKS…

and they have a wonderful surprise fer their audience,,,


Of course ..all in Middle Earth no about Master Bilbo Baggins..often referred ta around our Shire as THE Hobbit…nevermind what Lobelia has ta say about it  *winks*
I’ve herd tell stories of him have even spread among the Tall Ones…
but no one seems ta no fer sure exactly where he went & and what adventures he had when he left ta go off wit a band of dwarfies and that Gandalf  ( the wizard who shares those awesum fireworks wit us )


ya hear tales about ol’ Bilbo…
I went about Hobbiton once talkin ta the folks there & herd sum unbelievable stories of him..
like one where he could ride on a dragon…one where he rode on a full growed horse like big where he rode on a wild bear…and one ( falls down laughin ) where he rode on one of Gandalf’s fiery rockets!
Hobbits surely got good imaginations!


but if ya be like me …ya always been wantin ta no the real…and complete.. story of ol’ Bilbo Baggins’ adventures
and now we can!
Andune is gonna present the FULL & HONEST tale of ….THE HOBBIT..
 ( this has ta be about Bilbo Baggins dont ya think )
wit the marvelous music of Geoffri!
and… completely original lyrics written by Hollybery!!


I wood luv fer all of ya ….elufs, dwarfies, hobbits, men, women, children, bearfolk….even wizards..ta come join us in Oldfurlong fer a absolutely awesum evenin ya wont ever fergit!
when ANDUNE brings THE HOBBIT ta the OAKS
If ya be half as curious as me about what ol’ Bilbo did when he was off wit that wizard and all them dwarfies….was about 17 of them I herd…
and maybee them joined up wit sum elufs two…  ( seems Sir Canthallion was wit them since he made such a great drawing above of ol’ Bilbo holdin sum kind of Stone )
OH I can hardly wait!
I dont wanna miss a moment of this!

See ya there!

warm hugs ta everybodee,