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{ POSTPONED } The Kings Men start the New Year of OAKS

What a storm we had back in December!
That fierce wind in the middle of the nite afore the December OAKS absolutely bombarded my burrow wit branches from what seemed like all the trees in Oldfurlong …
so many in fact that I think maybee sum of them must have come from several other neighborhoods!
When the howling of the storm faded away, I ran ta the door and tried ta open it  …but it wood not budge  …
Just then I herd my sweet friend Aisho hummin a happy tune as she walked down to the town square of Oldfurlong fer the December OAKS   …
Frantically I called out ta her & told her I couldnt get out of my burrow fer the OAKS so she ran down ta get Rolf Bracegurdle ta come drag the branches off my burrow ….
but no use ..I couldnt even climb out a window cause they were all covered  🙁
I asked dear Miss Aisho ta please run down ta the town square & welcome folks ta the December OAKS  and


           what a truly amazing OAKS it was!


 ya see I gots ta see the drawings my good Neighbor, dear Travi …
and Master Blakcs made fer me…
 here I’ll share them wit ya folks…


Die Bunten Vögel captured my heart long ago wit the excitin rhythm of those hypnotic drums    ….excitin enuff ta make a lass dance on fire!
….and even make ponies dance all around the stage   …honest!
Also fer the OAKS in December my TALL red-haired friend Ordosig kindly took the time ta convert their lyrics ta the common tongue of our Shire   (( thank ya kindly, dear Ordo ))
The brilliant imagery of their lyrics was everythin I had hoped it wood be!
      ….endearin enuff ta bring a tear rollin down yer cheek when ya hear “Breathe”
  … or ta make ya tremble wit fear when ya hear the scary story of the “Old Bone Breaker”
  …or  ta make ya feel the joy and freedom of flyin like in the song “Plumage”
thanks ta all the Colorful Birds of Belly Gear fer an amazin koncert!!!!
and thanks ta all of the incredible audience that helped wit this presentation …
ya folks are all so wonderful!!


Here is where normally I wood tell ya folks about the January OAKS
….but….Unfortunately they had ta cancel their concert cause they was all called away by the King fer a secret mission.
  Sshhhh!  It must remain a secret so dont ya go tellin anyone  …just say the concert had ta be postponed.
Ya know I likes ta share the news wit y’all ….and I guess they know that as well .. cause they didnt tell me anything   ~chuckles~


The band has been workin on this concert fer weeks …and I know it wood have been outstandin !
So I promise I will re-schedule this band as soon as I possibly can  …. definitely!!
happy hobbity hugs fer all,


PS the next OAKS be comin up on saturday February 12 at at seven and a half bells in the evenin  (19:30 UK time / 20:30 CET / 2:30pm server time ) when ..
     the awesum Andune will be tellin a beloved old tale of a well-known fellowship^^
     ya folks gotta come see this ..fer certain!