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The Brandy Badgers present: The Haunting of The Bridge Inn

A lone wanderer arriving in the Shire. A population terrified of the mysterious happenings at the local inn. Some decidedly furry spring singers. Welcome to a magical night when old tales come to life.

An early spring evening, Bruco Springrock is travelling back to the Shire, his old homeland. Arriving at The Bridge Inn in Stock, he is dismayed to find that it is closed. The locals speak of mysterious happenings there. Whispers of dangerous, scary creatures inhabiting it…

This is the tale of Bruco. This is the tale of the haunting of the Bridge Inn. This is the tale of, er, some badgers.

A band of musicians has drawn inspiration from the tales of the singing badgers of the Shire forest, and plan to go looking for them pesky critters. If they don’t find them, they invite you to come and enjoy a night of songs and story. Welcome, hobbits! Remember, yer were born to run to the Bridge Inn!


OOC details:

The event will be a musical, based around the works of Bruce Springsteen. The story and song lyrics are performed in the /say channel and will all be somewhat lotro lore relevant. Be aware of the LOTRO chat bug, so be sure to come close enough to the performers to catch what they say!

The musical will be performed by The Brandy Badgers, an in-house music collective of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom.

This is a hobbit-preferred event, although if there are travellers from out of bounds who have good reason to be into hobbit music and badger mythology, then by all means come! Just remember to behave well and stay at the back, so you don’t block the view of the locals!