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The Great Willows are visitin the OAKS, Laurelin

The fantastic females of the KaPAteK  aNAhuAC were absolutely astoundin!!
Truly an awesum concert where Lady Yugun took us on a musical tour of the five years these marvelous musicians have been t’gether as a band.
The concert was terrific from beginnin when they rocked so hard it truly knocked me out ….
ta the end when the audience kept beggin them ta play more …more …MORE!  😀
Thanks ta all of these fabulously fierce females!!  Especially dear Yugun & sweet Evazilla (a bit gruff but stll cant help bein a sweetie) who sang so beautifully   ~cheers~
Most hobbits never actually considered a life on the sea ~shivers~  but it sounded fun when them two sang about   ….”Piracyyyyyyy”
of course there were many other mighty fine lyrics like the songs Yugun “borrowed” from her dad who used ta be part of the Chantefables.
and thanks ta all the very talented folks that joined the band :
Ordosig of Die Bunten Vogel
Master Grombine, Lady Ewelos, Master Gerhalt & Lady Fiyalka of Polnolunie
Lady Tunvil of Mondbarden
& Master Bragomur who often plays in his sister’s band.


Thanks ta all of these wonderfully talented & generous folks ….
and a big thanks ta KaPAteK  aNAhuAC fer this brilliant concert!!
wanna see it all agin?


I am so excited about the April OAKS!
Cause this will be another phenomenal party
The Great Willows are visitin the OAKS!!!!!!
Yup ya herd me correctly  …..WOOHOO!!
the Great Willow Blues Band
I luvs all kinds of bands …
I absolutely luvs the blues …
and ya folks know that I luv trees!
So I am thrilled ta have the Great Willow Blues Band come play fer us in April.
No worries if yer favorite music be swing …or rock …or metal …or even classical
Cause dear Irenella can play all these genres ( and probably will )
PLUS  I get ta hug a big bunch of trees  …eleven as a matter of fact ~grins~when all of these willows be comin ta the OAKS in the Oldfurlong neighborhood of the Shire in April.


I am positive this concert will be truly  …tree-mendous!
warm gentle hugs,