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The Full Moon ROCKS in the October OAKS

The new season of the Oldfurlong Amazin Koncert Series began on saturday September 18  …
when the soft music of the songbirds and the gentle rhythm of the babbling brook
gave way to the marvelous music of MIDNiGHT!


Yes!!!! it was MIDNIGHT all nite long  …
when the magnificent Lady J, Sir Aifel & friends came ta the Oldfurlong neighborhood.
Thanks ta all of them fer a truly awesum concert that had us dancin until way, way past midnite …                                ~giggles~
Also thanks ta all of ya folks that joined us fer this grand openin party of the OAKS   …
a bit of pipeweed, sum wine, & dancin ta the phenomenal sound of MIDNIGHT!
A big thanks ta dear Miss Leddy fer these drawings fer all those who still want ta see/hear it all again…


Now it be October …time fer the October OAKS!
  this nite will be a Full Moon fer certain  ~winks~
Cause the outstandin          Polnolunie           will be entertainin us
The folks will be doin sumthin they call a “Rock Opera”


I asked Papa what “opera” means (?)
He says that means they gonna tell us an adventure by singin it
Of course I know what a rock is  ~nods yes~
So I’m guessin this will be an excitin adventure told thru them singin while jugglin rocks!!
Ya dont suppose them folks be singin while throwin rocks at each other, do ya??
Anyway this will be another outstandin performance by a special group of very talented folks
maybee   … Polnolunie mite play sum rockin music …hahaha
happy hobbity hugs fer all,