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Ten Years of Full Moon at OAKS, Laurelin

Hiya ….and Bye byee,

I’m back and …the OAKS are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I eagerly await seein ya folks again in the Oldfurlong neighborhood fer the September OAKS.

Alas  …it is wit an achin heart that I must also say bye-byee. 

I’ve had sum mighty fun adventures when I have had the opportunity to play wit many, many bands in Middle Earth that are no more …. like A Murder of Crows, Brandywine & Biscuits, the Nocturnal Desires, Travelin Bilberries, Blues on the Rocks, Thorn & Roses  wit dear Pipes & the other beautiful Roses, …etc.

All these * two many more ta list here * of which I have fond memories of bein a small part of their music but sum of which I felt like I was adopted inta their family when I played wit them kind-hearted folks ….like the awesum Andune Ensemble … who have retired from their usual Sunday performance over on that great eagle, Landroval.Farewell Anduners  ..~hugs kiss hugs~  Until our paths cross again …

bye byee dear caring Molly   …bye byee rockin Calanne ….thanks fer all the sandwiches, bye byee dear Lady Brax ….bye byee my dwarf-desiring, cat-luvin artist friend Sir Coru, ~roar~ bye byee Sir Lion, bye byee to that sexy slice of sweetness who let me sit on his shoulders durin Winterstock when the feet got cold from the ice ..Malphos, bye byee funny Milvie,
(( bye byee ta sweet MissQ and dear Tall & Handsum Master G who were such a vital part of  the Anduners in the past ))  and ….finally             

~wipes tears from both cheeks~ 

All of ya Anduners have found yer way inta my heart and will forever have a special place there …but dear sweet Holly ..whose friendship be one of my most important treasures ,,who was always the heart of the band, I’m sayin bye byee ta ya as part of Andune but definitely refuse ta say bye ta you as I’m hopin ta be yer friend fer many more years ta come.   Actually I need ta keep seein all ya around every now & then …please. 
 I realize that it was difficult ta keep up wit all the pressures ya must have been under ta come up wit new songs, lyrics, & set-lists fer all these years ….so I completely understand ya folks wantin ta relax in yer gardens, explore new paths, find time fer all 6 meals every day outta have,…but …If ya ever ta wanna hear the cheers again or see the fireworks fill the air around yer stage….Ya’ll always be welcome ta come back & play at the OAKS …anytime ….

and if ya needs ta come ta play in a month when I have already scheduled an OAKS …that month will have 2 OAKS fer the first time ever!

The Andune Ensemble was one of the very first bands ta agree ta come play at the OAKS back when I was tryin ta get bands ta come play among the trees of Laurelin  …back when I was beggin bands ta please ~bows~ ta come ta Oldfurlong  ..I was absolutely thrilled when that handsum Master G agreed ( dear Holly helped me ta persuade him )! Thruout the years …I was absolutely honoured ta have them be part of the OAKS wit their truly amazin performances among which were their musical productions of “The Fellowship of the Ring”,  ” The Story of Gondolin” &  “The Hobbit” .
Thanks ta all of ya folks fer makin yer OAKS truly memorable.
and thanks to all of you fer makin my life here on Middle Earth better by being part of it.

I sincerely love all of ya folks….and always will.

Sum other folks I truly treasure be part of the band that will be comin ta the OAKS this September  ….the brilliant & beautiful  Full Moon  … the one & only                                                          


I cherish that they will allow the OAKS ta be the venue where they will celebrate wit us their

10th Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wit the marvelous music they have wowed us wit over the past decade. This band’s lyrics have touched my heart & moved me ta tears one moment, made me laugh out loud another, caressed my brain ta bring back fond memories another, and ….helped me ta see that all the creatures in Middle Earth can love in their own way.
and on a personal note ….thanks ta dear funny Gerhalt, sweet thoughtful Lady F and fierce kind-hearted Thunder fer being my treasured friends who I always know beyond any doubts that I can depend on ta be there when I feel myself down and crawlin thru the desert of despair wit an out-stretched hand ta remind me that I am cared fer and I have friends willin ta help …

Ya folks will furever have a special place in my heart …thank you most sincerely fer being my friends.

Not only can they take all of us ta where we can find that small bird of hope but …they can really ROCK!I know they have worked on their upcomin OAKS fer months ….

One mite even say they been workin on this anniversary fer years …10 years  ~winks~An example of which ya can see in their Karaoke Fridays like this one ….

This will beyond any doubt be an EPIC concert …see ya there!             

Warm hugs ta all,