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Spring Bards Festival, Crickhollow

Second Breakfast


Spring Bards Festival

Music for the Solo Artists

Saturday, April 15th
The Shire, Brandywine Bridge
Crickhollow server

03.00pm * Pontin of Crickhollow
03.15pm * Hermina of crickhollow
3.30pm * Theabromine of Crickhollow
03.45pm * Medeanu of Crickhollow
04.00pm * Boujee of Crickhollow
04.15pm * Celafayn of Crickhollow
04.30pm * Xeneral of Crickhollow
04.45pm * Strogin of crickhollow
05.00pm * Flyt of Landroval
05.15pm * Royzenberry of Laurelin