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Sons of Numenor present Symphony of Light VII

Free Peoples of Middle-earth, REJOICE at the Seventh annual

Symphony of Light!

Let not the shadows from afar darken you spirits!

Join in an celebration of the most honorable Hobbit, Mr. Bilbo Baggins, late of the Shire, and let dread of these dark times be driven away by an epic excellent display of fireworks and music!

Sons of Numenor invite all of Landroval and the LOTRO community

to join them for the Seventh “Symphony of Light” in Rivendell, September 22.

Activities begin 8 p.m. EST, and continue through the midnight hour.

Escorted travel from Stock to Rivendell.
8 p.m., Brandywine Bridge, Stock in The Shire.
– The Sons of Numenor will provide mounted escort to all Free Peoples wishing to attend, in a slow walk from the Brandywine, to Rivendell. Also, an open fellowship will be provided for all those wishing to join us, either at Stock or along the way.

Concert of Special Magnificence.
10 p.m., Rivendell
– A rolling concert of Landroval’s most noted musical talents, lasting through the duration of the fireworks display. Special guest appearence by “Bilbo Baggins!”

“Symphony of Light”
After the escort arrives.
– Located at the Spire of Meeting, below the Last Homely house, Sons of Numenor will commence the most epic display of fireworks seen in Middle-earth, to celebrate the birthday of Bilbo Baggins. The display will last 45 minutes or more, and will feature music and dancing throughout.

Afterparty –
11 p.m…ish., The Hall of Fire
– Strum a lute, play a flute, join with group for an open-mic gathering of music and fellowship in The Hall of Fire.

Other activities……
Special appearance by “Bilbo” Baggins. The esteemed old Hobbit, as portrayed by a member of Sons of Numenor, will mingle about the crowd as the evening progress’.

Ale and Pipeweed for all! – Sons of Numenor will be providing ample pipe fodder and Ale for those desiring of it.

Role Playing and Fellowship. – As always, there are no obligations to do so, all are welcome. However all those who enjoy fellowship and role playing are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere.

Full details here :

Symphony of Light VII – 9/22, 8 p.m. EST – Landroval. Annual Bilbo Birthday Epic