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The 3rd annual Shirefest features over two dozen of the best bands in the game over a three day weekend. Last year’s festival was the biggest event in Crickhollow history and we look forward to welcoming bands from 5 other servers as well as a record number of native Crickit musicians. Solo musicians, small groups, and storytellers are also encouraged to share their songs and tales at special editions of our weekly Bread & Jam and Sunday morning Elevenses.

Shirefest starts at 2pm EDT on Friday, June 24th at the iconic pillars that rise to the south of Scary in the Shire. Captains will be on hand to summon anyone who would like to attend. Weekly Bread & Jam will move to the Scary town square at 9pm and go until the last musician tires. The festival will run from noon to midnight on Saturday. Sunday morning Elevenses will start at 11am at the nearby Plough and Stars in Brockenborings before the fest heads back to the Scary pillars at 1pm.



2:00 PM Belle Tones
3:00 PM Ninny Hammers
4:00 PM Traveling Bilberries
5:00 PM A Rock & A Hard Place
6:00 PM Mardi Gras Party Band
7:00 PM The Lollipops
8:00 PM Michel Delving Bunny Watch
10:00 PM BREAD & JAM
11:00 PM BREAD & JAM
12:00 PM Breakfast Club
1:00 PM Little Wanderers
2:00 PM Mystic Knights
3:00 PM Remediators
4:00 PM Skarn
5:00 PM Die Bunten Voegel
6:00 PM Firebrands
7:00 PM Firefoot Bluegrass Band
8:00 PM Lag Spike
9:00 PM Dance Flora
10:00 PM DisEnchanted
11:00 PM No Whole Bard
12:00 PM The Aleford Band
1:00 PM Les Chantefables
2:00 PM Struck by Moonlight
3:00 PM Andune Ensemble
4:00 PM Brandywine & Biscuits
5:00 PM Harlequins
6:00 PM Dulcet Tones
7:00 PM Misty Mountain Hobs
8:00 PM Fraggle Rock