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Shirefest 2023, Crickhollow

Second Breakfast


Shirefest 2023

Rosalie Rumble’s Shirefest 10th Anniversary!

Friday, June 16th / Saturday, June 17th / Sunday, June 18th
The Shire, Bywater
Methel Stage
Crickhollow server

Friday, June 16th
@5pm East of the Sea
@6pm Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
@7pm Elfevenses
@8pm Rakes of Kilkarill
@9pm Telimektar
@10pm Bread & Jam sessions inside the Green Dragon

Saturday, June 17th
@12pm Crazy Ladies of the Forest
@1pm The Great Willow Big Band
@2pm Polnolunie
@3pm Notenzauber
@4pm Wee Free Banshees
@5pm The Gallic Frogs Band
@6pm Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
@7pm No Whole Bard
@8pm Weeds
@9pm Savo ‘Lass
@10pm Mushroom Stew
@11pm Alt Rock Band

Sunday, June 18th
@2pm Technomancer
@3pm Harlequins
@4pm Sisters of Moonlight
@5pm Mardi Gras Party Band
@6pm Breakfast Club