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Shirefest 2022, Crickhollow

Second Breakfast


Rosalie Rumble’s


June 17th-19th

The Shire, Bywater, Methel Stage

Crickhollow Server

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Friday, June 17th

5.00pm  The Great Willow Blues Band
6.00pm  Indigo Hobbettes
7.00pm  Mushroom Stew
8.00pm  DisEnchanted
9.00pm  Dulcet Tones
10.00pm Bread & Jam inside the Green Dragon

Saturday, June 18th

12.00pm Harlequins
1.00pm  The Crazy Ladies of the Forest
2.00pm  Notenzauber
3.00pm  Gallic Frogs Band
4.00pm  Telimektar
5.00pm  The Rakes of Kilkarill
6.00pm  Baylei’s Band
7.00pm  No Whole Bard
8.00pm  Mardi Gras Party Band
9.00pm  Legendary Tunes
10.00pm Elfevenses

Sunday, June 19th

12.00pm Wee Free Banshees
1.00pm  Cheery Littlebottom’s Companions
2.00pm  The Rolling Kegs
3.00pm  Purple Pipeweed Parlour Band
4.00pm  Savo ‘Lass
5.00pm  Alt Rock Band