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Shirefest 2021, Crickhollow

Second Breakfast


Shirefest 2021

June, 11-13th
The Shire, Methel Stage
Crickhollow Server

Friday, June 11th
5:00 PM        Baylei Buddies
6:00 PM        The Midnight Owl Band
7:00 PM        Indigo Hobbettes
8:00 PM        The Flutterbyes
9:00 PM        Wee Free Banshees

Saturday, June 12th
12:00 PM       An Unexpected Melody
1:00 PM         The Great Willow Blues Band
2:00 PM         Polnolunie
3:00 PM         Notenzauber
4:00 PM         Moonshine Wanderers
5:00 PM         The Gallic Frogs Band
6:00 PM         The Michel Delving Bunny Watch
7:00 PM         The Rakes Of Kilkarill
8:00 PM         Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
9:00 PM         Legendary Tunes
10:00 PM      No Whole Bard
11:00 PM      Noodley Tunes
12:00 AM      Alt Rock Band
1:00 AM        Mushroom Stew

Sunday, June 13th
12:00 PM      Department of Harmony of Song
1:00 PM        Mondbarden
2:00 PM        The Rolling Kegs
3:00 PM        Blue Mountains Band
4:00 PM        The Hope
5:00 PM        Dulcet Tones
6:00 PM        Cheery Littlebottom’s Companions
7:00 PM        Breakfast Club
8:00 PM       Telimektar
9:00 PM        DisEnchanted
10:00 PM      Savo ‘Lass
11:00 PM      Mardi Gras Party Band