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Rockfest 2016 – It’s a New Dawn!

Rockfest1 on September 17th – 18th!

This will be the third year of Rockfest, and as Calanne, who set up the two first Rockfests, has gone into retreat for an indefinite time, Rockfest is now under new management, hence the motto for this third Rockfest: “It’s a New Dawn”.

Rockfest 2016 is two days of rock music in the broad sense of the term, spanning from Sister Rosetta Tharpe to Inglorious, or, if you will, from Anthrax to Zappa.

It was the idea from the start to show migrants and newcomers some love while on the other hand also having some of the well-established bands. Hence Rockfest 2016 brings you bands large and small, known and not so known, from many servers and from all over the globe2.

This is the schedule so far (last update 2016.09.11) for Rockfest 2016.

All times are EDT (currently co-incident with /servertime).

Saturday 17 September

11:50 Welcome to the Saturday session (with Source the Motto contest conclusion)
12:00 The Traveling Bilberries
13:00 The Hope
14:00 Polnolunie
15:00 Shire Tramps
16:00 Radagast’s Pipe
17:00 Bara Bahau
18:00 Die Mondbarden
19:00 Struck By Moonlight
20:00 Skarn
21:00 The Dulcet Tones
22:00 P.I.E.
23:00 The Fluffy Unicorns
24:00 (Sunday 0:00) No Whole Bard
25:00 (Sunday 01:00) Kapatek Anahuac
26:00 (Sunday 02:00) Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band
27:00 (Sunday 03:00) End of the Saturday session.


Sunday 18 September

10:50 Welcome to the Sunday session
11:00 Arda
12:00 The Crazy Ladies of the Forest
13:00 Notenzauber
14:00 Brandywine and Biscuits
15:00 Thunderstruck
16:00 The Andune Ensemble
17:00 Rockfest ends.

The venue will be the Bree-Land Festival Stage, Landroval.

Source the Motto contest: Where was the Rockfest 2016 motto stolen from? The first to send me (Toadflax) a (Landroval) Quick Post letter with the right answer3 wins a yummy prize, to be handed out at Rockfest.

Main forum thread here : Rockfest 2016 – It’s a New Dawn! September 17 – 18, Landroval

(1) No connection to Rock Fest in Wisconsin, USA.

(2) Well, Asia, Africa and South America are under-represented if they are represented at all which is due to me not knowing of very many players from those parts.

(3) Searching might not lead you to the correct source!