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Rock in the Yuletime wit MONDBARDEN at the December OAKS!

With no hat, walkin-stick, or proper handkerchief, Bilbo ran out of his burrow one mornin….
ran straight inta an adventure wit sum dwarfies & a wizard!
Soon they needed food…and ol’ Bilbo tried ta steal sum from three trolls  *shivers*
Good thing Bilbo had his dwarfie friends and a wizard wit him ….and good that trolls couldnt tell the time so they didnt no when it be sunrise!
Later on they all went ta a village of elufs….( remember I told ya I thot there was gonna be elufs in the story? ) and found sumone who could read the map they had!
which led ta a trip cross the sky wit eagles!
and another trip thru a dark & spooky forest wit HUGE spiders!
and even more….
It was so excitin!         Truly phenomenal!


thanks ta Geoffri & all of them superbly talented folks for the marvelous music
A special thanks ta Lady Hollybery fer tellin us all these exploits wit those hauntin poems…
and I hear tell she came up wit sum of the tunes!


Ya can ask any of the many, many folks who came ta listen..or…ya can see fer yerself in the magick drawings of Miss Leddy
here ya go…here be the entire..honest..story as told by that dear tall eluf maiden, Lady Hollybery…wit the awesum music of Andune…


Now it be time fer the December OAKS…
December be the time of Yule..rite?
I no how all of ya like ta get presents     ~giggles~
and I likes ta give ’em
But it’s always a dilemma tryin ta decide just what ta give folks ….


well not this year!
I wanted ta give the folks that come ta Oldfurlong sumthin sweet
and I found a band ….the PERFECT band..
a band known ta many of you folks…and my dear friends
the Magnificent…MONDBARDEN!


A band that can have folks dancin, laughin, cheerin, toastin…

and maybee even singin along fer hours…maybee even all nite

and a band where every one of them is as sweet as Gammer Oakley’s special chocolatey-pumpkin pie wit that creamy foam on top….~yummy~


Everyone…that means even them somewhat grumpy gaffers and them ol’ wizards that are much two serious…
Come join us in Oldfurlong fer the December OAKS  ~beckon~


Believe me… this will be a rockin party ta start off Yule!

Save me a dance!

warm hugs ta everyone,