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Rituals of Ruin presents Beltane Festival, Gladden

Rituals of Ruin & Warriors of Camelot


Beltane Festival

Musical, Theatre, Games and Activities

May 4th
Gondor, Cap of Belalas Homesteads
Tol Falthui Island, Raenglad
Gladden server

Come celebrate the coming of summer with this one of a kind event with fun activities, music, and theatre show.

Moulin Rouge presented by Dragon Forge and BTC

Music by Bards of a Feather, Kaoss & Ruin, Gong Wardens’ Union, Que Sera, Deja Vu, The Little Wanderers, Rocnakh, Fiddlesticks, Wilfrred and The Wanderers, Revianest, and more.