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Return of Pumpkinberry, Laurelin

Flogo & ottenok band


Return of Pumpkinberry

Sunday, October 29th
Breeland, Southern Barrow-downs
Pumpkinberry’s Graveyard (37.0S/54.8W)
Laurelin server

On this chilly Halloween evening, music band The Bucket-heads want to tell you a scary story about the buried horror of all Middle-earth….

They invite you to take a walk under the shadows of the Old Forest and see with your own eyes (and maybe even hear!) the graveyard of the terrible and mighty: Pumpkinberry!

Don’t forget to bring some torche because this walk could go either way.

  • Exit Bree and go to Southern Barrow-downs, go deep into woods where the walking trees are, and after a short walk you will come to a path. That’s where the gathering place is.
    Then you can walk to the right and you will come to the concert venue.
    In any case you can contact Flogo!

This is the first musical performance at festival by Royzenberry’s band, The Bucket-heads!
You will be treated to: 

  • – A walk to a graveyard with an interesting story.
  • – A rousing 2 hour concert of this band! You will not be bored! And listen carefully, because Royzenberry is famous for her hand playing music!
  • – As well as riddles and raffles! (‘Cause this is a hobbit’s band after all!)

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