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Perr’s Rave Nightclub Club Night, Crickhollow

Alt Rock Band Production


Perr’s Rave Nightclub Club Night!

Electronica/Pop/Techno/House/Goth/Dubstep/Industrial/NewWave/EDM Night!

Saturday, May 18th
Eastern Bree Fields
Abandoned Ruins
Crickhollow server

  • 06.00pm – Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
  • 07.00pm – The Fireflies
  • 08.00pm – No Whole Bard
  • 09.00pm – Kaoss & Ruin
  • 10.00pm – Wee Free Banshees
  • 11.00pm – Alt Rock Band
  • 12.00am – Mardi Gras Party Band

Perr’s Rave Nightclub Club Night will be held at the abandoned ruins in Eastern Bree Fields

  • From South Bree Stables, take the horse to the Bree Festival Grounds.
  • Turn left upon getting there, and head to the Hedge Maze used in the Spring Festival.
  • There’s a set of ruins right south of the maze, turn left before entering and head southeast for a short bit to the second farther set of ruins.
  • The entrance is on the east side.

Bands will play on the top platform facing the middle platform, where the audience will be. 

Feel free to bring your own Glowsticks!