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October OAKS: Dance Flora

Wanna dance ? Here’s your chance!


Ya wanna dance?
There be one of my favorite questions!   whether I be askin or answerin it.

Of course, I always wanna dance!

In October come along ta the the town square of the Oldfurlong (Altfurch in Deutsch / Longuevieille en français) neighborhood of the Shire homesteads.

I invited sum lovely lasses from down Crickhollow way ta come and play fer ya…..and they said ….YES!

Once when I asked Miss Corabells if she could describe their music, she giggled and answered….

“We play many styles, but Especially like dance music–Hard, fast, sweaty, shake everything you got, dance music!”
but trust me folks they play sum rite lovely slower tunes two      *giggles*

Just come hear fer yerself when they be playin fer the next OAKS.

Come and enjoy the lovely music of
Dance Flora


Lovely music..from lovely lasses…hard ta decide which be greater.. their beauty or their talent 🙂


Now come a bit closer cause I gots a secret ta tell y’all….but dont ya tell any of the lasses in Dance Flora that I told ya…okays?
Sumtimes when they play fer a really long time,,,they get so exhausted they just collapse and fall asleep fer awhile…and they must have sum crazy dreams.

This leads ta sum funny lyrics in their songs….maybee they’ll sing ’em fer us in October 🙂

So grab all yer kin…yup even yer ol’ gaffer what dont get out much anymore cause nobodee gonna wanna miss this OAKS!

Come over ta the Oldfurlong neighborhood on Sunday October 9th at eight bells…where there be sum pipeweed and ales waiting fer ya… and we’ll spend the evenin wit the stunnin lasses and the stupendous music of …..Dance Flora!

Hugs ta ya one and all,