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OAKtober wit Die fertigen Schlusen, Laurelin

Happy October!
Betcha be plannin ta come back ta the OAKS this month cause of the awesum beginnin of the OAKS season in September.

Thanks bunches ta dear Irenella & all the Wonderful Willows wit which she plays.

Thanks ta all the dear folks that helped wit the BIG Birthday Surprise.  …Miss F ( Freyka ), Wulfie (Rhodwulf), sweet Szorcha who brought along her tall elufy friends that luv ta dance around the stage, and of course dear Irenella herself who were part of the ….Oldfurlong Synchronized Birthday Band (or was that the Oldfurlong Almost-Synchronized Birthday Band) ~winks~

It was a truly amazin beginnin ta this season of the OAKS  …thanks ta all of ya folks that were involved.

Also thanks ta the two wonderful folks who came ta celebrate their birthdays in Oldfurlong …the awesum Grombine & dear Dickins, who can be a lil sneaky at times ….

Sorry if sum of ya had ta miss this …here ya go …Miss Leddy’s drawings so ya can share sum of the fun ….

Now it’s OCTOBER…….

Remember last year when Polnolunie presented their spectacular production of an excitin rock opera….

Kashchey, the Undead ”?
And the year before when … the Monsters of Mondbarden helped rescue Oldfurlong from that shady Sara lady
A special thanks to all the wonderful folks in both those bands who have honoured me by allowin me a glimpse inta the kindness & generosity of their hearts.

This Oaktober will be a fun-filled excitin OAKS like the last couple of years  wit         
                         Die fertigen Schlusen

a truly fantastic band made up of Bullroarer’s Best

the awesum darlings of the Bullroarer Brewery …

who will make this saturday one ta remember fer the rest of yer lives! ( please remember not ta lite any fires two close ta this band due ta probable fumes from all the beer that they drink )

If ya feel yerself slowin down as ya get older and you don’t feel like dancing much anymore… come ta the OAKS in Oaktober and ….when you hear the jubilant music of Die fertigen Schlusen  …

you won’t feel old-for-long.

happy hobbity hugs fer all,