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OAKS: The Azure Pleasures

The OAKS be back!    The Oldfurlong Amazin Koncert Series has returned!!

A while back, my gammer told me “Old friends are like gold and new friends are like silver.” So cause I always did like shiny things, I keep lookin fer new friends…

Well, recently, I was over on the back of that great BIG eagle Landroval…I remember it was on a Sunday, right around the time I usually get hungry, and I was going ta the Pony fer a snack. Turns out I never did go inta the Pony cause on the stage out front I herd a band playin’ some marvelous music!

I went over and listened fer a while….then I danced up close ta the stage and asked,  “What’s the name of this band?”


One stumbled toward the front of the stage and said, “We’re Gandalf’s Toenails”

I kinda backed away from him….and then a pretty elf lady said,  “Oh no no, we’re The Crew in Blue”

One very purty lady smiled and said, “We’re the band that never gets paid”

Then a tall elf with a mask so I could only see his twinklin eyes said something like they “Ain’t dune” but I couldn’t understand cause his words be muffled by the mask.

There was a hobbit lass in front…I tried to talk to her but she couldn’t hear me over her drummin and her belly rumblin…I think it was time for her snack two    *grins*

Actually, I couldn’t hear much of what was said over their music…which was AWESOME…and the sound of all them folks in the audience dancin’ and cheerin’…

So I decided, lookin at them all dressed in dark blue like the azure summer sky in the evenin’…and the pleasure the entire audience was havin’ listenin’ and dancin’ to their music… that I’d just call them…

                   The Azure Pleasures


It was a bit tough talkin them inta comin ta the OAKS on account of they left as soon as they finished playin…and I had ta chase them down the alley by the Pony ta talk to them…but I asked if they’d come to the OAKS cause I knew you folks would love them… and they agreed!! And they said they would hire the greatest storyteller in Middle-earth to perform many of her tales set to the music.

They said they’d be willin to come in October…which made sense since half of them already had their masks on.

So do yerselves a favor and join us in Oldfurlong on Saturday, October 14th when we’ll have fun partyin while we listen to the Azure Pleasures…and bring along yer gammer..she needs ta get out more.

No worries cause ya don’t have to wear something azure (or dark blue) …..

Come dance…drink…smoke….and party wit us in Oldfurlong…on Saturday October 14th at eight bells  when ya’ll get the the very real pleasure of listenin ta

         The Azure Pleasures


Warm hugs ta everybodee,