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December OAKS…Oldfurlong will be Rockin!


I was over on Landroval the other day…yup that’s rite I was flyin around on the back of that great eagle…..
I was walkin around listenin fer a band ta be playin when I ran inta Master Hal…that be Halgoreth …and we started talkin about the monthly party that I calls the OAKS.

I asked if he new of some amazin band that mite wanna entertain fer the December OAKS (?)

He told me he could bring sum… skarn.

Well I wondered what that mite be so I checked wit the library up near Tuckborough and found that it be all kinds of rocks kind of mashed t’gether.

So it seems we gonna have a lad wit a bag of rocks…..or maybee a band of rockers? 🙂

Anyhow I no ya’ll be entertained cause Master Hal has such a quick wit, he’s bound ta make it a fun evenin fer us all.                     *giggles*

Just jokin Folks..                   SKARN

… be a wonderful band what plays music ya cant…well I cant…just stand still while I listen ta it 🙂

Come on out on Saturday December 3rd at eight bells in the evenin when we’ll have another amazin concert ….after all it be the Oldfurlong AMAZIN Koncert Series 🙂

When ya can kick off yer shoes…still dont understand why sum folks wear those…have sum pipeweed and sum drinks while we listen ta the sensational……

This evenin be so rockin, ya’ll think ya be in a quarry!



Hugs ta ya one and all,