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Monsters of the Rock II, Crickhollow

An ALT Rock Band production


Monsters of the Rock II

Saturday, February 25th
From 2.00pm to 7.00pm
Bree, Festival Grounds Stage
Crickhollow server

Monsters of The Rock is a Crickhollow event in which Lotro bands each play an hour set from one single real band, either bands which have played in the Monsters of Rock concerts or bands of similar style.

2.00pm Queen by Cheery Littlebottom’s Companions
3.00pm NIN by Great Willow Blues Band
4.00pm Iron Maiden by Rakes of Kilkarill
5.00pm Slipknot by Galdwen’s Bunch of Misfits
6.00pm Gun’n’Roses by Lied des Nordwinds
7.00pm Scorpions by Alt Rock Band